New food systems

What is a Farm Hack? Land workers and farmers are an innovative and creative lot and those inventions and on-farm solutions are being showcased at this event. We intend to employ peer-to-peer learning which means everyone is the teacher and everyone is a student; our learning is driven by our curiosity and inquisition.

Come join us to learn, share skills, network and get down and dirty on the details of how to build a sustainable food system including:

⚙️ Setting up a CSA

⚙️ DIY open source on farm robot

⚙️ Communicating with customers and building CSA memberships

⚙️ Metal work, using a forge, tool sharpening and reconditioning

⚙️ Nursery Management

⚙️ Low impact homesteading

⚙️ CSA for livestock farmers

⚙️ Machinery and tools for small scale producers

⚙️ Wood work tools, carpentry and round wood construction.

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More info:

Imagen propia: Cornwall. United Kingdom. 2018

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